ClickFunnels for Physical Products

E-commerce is a booming trend these days. It is a cost-effective way of purchasing physical products with the use of the Internet. The projected worldwide retail e-commerce sales in 2020 is a massive $27 trillion.

E-commerce merchants have different categories, one of them is the merchants who sell physical goods. The other two types are service-based merchants and merchants who sell digital products.

Before talking about using ClickFunnels for physical products, there are some things that you need to know about e-commerce. At the end of this article, there is a video about the practical application of the things I will share today.

Conversion Rate in E-Commerce

In the business of selling goods online, there is a factor called conversion rate. Each seller will have a different conversion rate. The term ‘conversion’ means the potential actions of your website visitors. The conversion on your website could mean accomplishing survey forms, buying products, or applying for the email subscription.

To compute for your conversion rate, you need to know the number of conversions and the number of total unique visitors. The formula for this is the following:

100 / Number of Total Visitors X Number of Conversions

Some algorithms include the number of sessions in the computation of the conversion rate. The conversion rate of your website could reflect the traffic generated by your physical products.

The Optimization of Conversion Rate

Different sectors and product categories have varying average conversion rates. Globally, the average conversion rate among the various industries ranges from one to three percent.

A higher rate would mean a better return on investment, and it also more cost-effective compared to advertising and finding new visitors. One of the implemented marketing strategies is conversion rate optimization (CRO). This strategy involves the steps needed to improve your current conversion rate.

The importance of optimizing your conversion rate can be explained easier by using the act of purchasing products as the conversion. A conversion rate of 0.5% means that your site sells five products for every 1000 visitors. On the other hand, a 3.0% conversion rate means that your website sells 30 products for every 1000 visitors.

An important step towards optimization is setting your conversion rate goal. Then, you need to utilize some tools to help with this strategy.

Website Elements and CRO

A tool that will help you in CRO is websites created for this strategy. One of which is ClickFunnels. Before going into detail about this fantastic site, I will highlight some website elements that help in your website’s conversions.

CRO will provide an opportunity for the homepage to keep the visitors’ attention and guide them to the other parts of the site. The incorporation of a chatbot on the homepage, links to products, or signup button is one of the techniques to improve the conversion rate.

Another page that will benefit from CRO is the pricing page. The modifications to optimize the conversion rate in this page is changing the price intervals, adding a contact number for further inquiries, and having description texts for the features per price value or range.

Blog posts of a business’ site will also benefit from CRO. Aside from posting carefully crafted and informative content, a blog could convert a new visitor to a regular one. Some ways to optimize your conversion rate in blog posts are including calls-to-action statements in articles and encouraging the readers to submit to your newsletter or industry report.

CRO may also enhance the website’s conversion rate through the landing pages. The landing pages could contain videos or previews of contents to encourage the readers to initiate conversions, such as downloading or registering.

How Innovative E-Commerce Sites Promise Simplicity and Efficiency

You can choose from many e-commerce sites available. You should take some time to evaluate what you want to achieve with your e-commerce page. I recommend checking out innovative e-commerce sites like the ClickFunnels platform instead of the traditional ones.

Traditional e-commerce sites tend to cause distractions and subsequent reduction in the website’s conversion rate. These sites often have related products on the sidebar, menu, and complicated checkout procedures. Some visitors may cancel the purchase when they encounter complicated procedures or distracting links. Too much options may result in a lost conversion.

Shopify is one of the traditional e-commerce sites out there. It features various menu and related products. The website requires knowledge of coding. It also requires the user to install plugins. Optimization and testing do not go well with this website.

Compared to the features mentioned, innovative e-commerce sites like ClickFunnels provide a more straightforward and efficient layout for selling your physical products. It does not require advanced skills in coding or design too. Other advantages of ClickFunnels can be found in the next segment of the article.

Advantages of Using ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a funnel building software that is mainly know for selling digital products, but you can also use ClickFunnels for physical products.

A very evident advantage of ClickFunnels is the removal of distractions on the website. It has a simpler interface that users can freely navigate. The site got rid of the menu options. There is a quick checkout process without leaving the website, leading to a faster page loading and fewer abandonment rates. You would not fear losing thousands of money due to the distractions, unlike in traditional e-commerce sites.

Another advantage is its user-friendly creation. When you know how to drag-and-drop page elements, you can confidently explore and create the pages for your physical products. You can start from scratch and make the headlines, checkout forms, buttons, and optimized landing pages. You can also insert animations, videos, clocks, and other website elements.

Due to the easy navigation of creating the pages and understandable procedures, ClickFunnels offer full control on the e-commerce website.

Additionally, you can combine the use of this innovative e-commerce site and a traditional one. You can use Shopify to make basic stores for year-round sales while you can use ClickFunnels to have funnels and advanced landing pages.

Using ClickFunnels for Physical Products in Ecommerce

It’s easy to start a Free Trial with ClickFunnels. Once you do you can start using ClickFunnels to sell your physical products.

There are many theme choices available in the editor. The themes are included in the e-commerce category.

As mentioned above, you are free to move the website elements on the pages. This is a powerful feature that will help drastically increase your conversion rate and sales.

It takes just a few days to design the pages. You also have the option to split-test the various pages to determine which version will give the best conversion rates.

Six Steps to Having a High-Converting ClickFunnel’s Template

Step 1 – Email Opt-in

The opt-in form is a way to gain email subscribers.  There is a landing page collecting the readers’ email address before proceeding to the cart page. This feature is essential for creating a community.

Here are some practices you could implement to increase your subscribers.

  • You should give them motivation or reason for the subscription. The best option is to provide an incentive or reward to the subscribers.
  • Keep the information to the minimum. While you aim to gather as much information as you deem necessary, less fields in the opt-in form result in the reduction of possible subscribers. You should limit the field from two to four fields only.
  • A visible opt-in form is the best kind of opt-in form. The users are more likely to prefer getting updates on your products via email and not by social media.
  • You should use a form and not a link that leads to the form. It will increase the opt-in rate of visitors.
  • Replace the classic ‘subscribe’ text on the opt-in form button. You need to be more engaging and personal to attract subscribers.
  • You may provide an option to view some sample newsletter or a summary of the previous products. You can put this option at the bottom of the opt-in page.
  • Advertise the number of current subscribers. This figure establishes social proof. Also, it encourages the spirit of community.
  • Provide the option to unsubscribe. You need to put the unsubscribe link near the opt-in form. This will convey that it is easy to unsubscribe to the listing.
  • You should make it a habit to test the modifications you make in your opt-in form.

Step 2 – Sale Page/Order Form

ClickFunnels for Physical Products Funnel Page Example
Example of a Funnel Sales Page

The Sales Page page allows the buyer to see the products they want to purchase. It is recommended to provide discounts for a high quantity of purchase.

Here are some ways to design the Order Form page to increase your conversion rate.

  • You could add a feature that gives more options for the buyers. The options may include add-ons to the product and delete the item from the cart page.
  • For products with different variants, you should include the options to choose from the variants.
  • Encourage impulse buying through directing the user to the checkout pages easily.
  • A pleasing color palette and simple layout of the cart page warrant attention from the users. This also shows your effort in keeping the website at its peak appearance.
  • Another feature that you may add to the checkout button is the animated layer. You will have to make the layer appear and disappear when the mouse hovers over the checkout button.
  • Some users prefer optimum personalization with their orders. You can accommodate these people by adding a new tab page when they click the checkout or ‘add to cart’ button.
  • Adding a notification feature may help improve your conversion rate. You can also provide the option to allow the users to checkout right away after the notification comes up.
  • You can provide a list of product offers and discounts based on the selected products.
  • If your business supports an organization and the likes, you could add the charity function on the cart page.

Step 3 – First Up-Sell

This page will showcase the total items added to the cart and the complementary products. It is somehow analogous to the salesperson in malls.

Some techniques to improve this page is by offering upgrades on services and customization, providing the option to share their purchase or shopping experience on social media, and showing the description of the suggested products as well.

Step 4 – Second Up-Sell

You will see more relevant products here. You should get the most out of your audience’s attention and time. You can enforce a vibrant color scheme that will make the site unforgettable.

Another feature that you could try is sending purchase receipts over email. In the receipt email, you can add more items that the user may find worth purchasing.

Step 5 – Third Up-Sell

As the saying goes ‘third time’s the charm,’ you can maximize the order values by adding a third up-sell. If you wish to add the features for the previous two up-sell, you may do it. It is nice to note that some owners choose to have less up-sell pages.

Step 6 – Order Confirmation Page

This page will give the users an overview of the students. Here, you would find the details on the delivery and contact numbers of the seller. This step is your final chance to have a customer interaction.

Here are some ways to get the most out of your Order Confirmation page to increase your conversion rate.

  • You can try cross selling. You will provide the option to add more products for the same transaction. You do not risk the annoyance that could result from having to resubmit the order. Instead, you give an easy chance to add more products or avail more deals before exiting the website.
  • You can offer a subscription to the newsletter or updates. This subscription is another way to gain money.
  • You can elaborate more on the advantages and benefits of subscribing to your newsletter when you place it on this page.
  • You may add related materials about the purchased products. These may be videos or informational materials that would provide instant gratification for the buyers. These resources will add to the customer’s trust and confidence in your physical products. This feature is also a way to show your customer relations. This indicates` that you care about the customer’s experience with the products.
  • Like the option in email optin, you can add the choice to share the purchase on social media. If you have social media accounts for your business, you could embed those on this page.
  • You may also place a text field to let the customers evaluate the shopping experience. It is recommended to ask a short open-ended question about the overall experience and points for improvement.

Here’s a great video that walks you through a sales funnel built with ClickFunnels.

Case Study using ClickFunnels for Physical Products

Other Tips on E-commerce for Better Sales

After following the tips on optimizing your conversion rate, you can employ some more strategies while using ClickFunnels for physical products in your business.

A crucial factor in any online transaction is consumer trust. You can strengthen this by providing honest descriptions of your physical products and abiding by the significant dates related to the transactions. When you secure a consumer trust, it will become easier for your business to spread by the influence on family and friends.

You should make a habit of being responsive to comments and questions on every platform. This strategy is a way to keep customer engagement and increase the chances of a continuing relationship after sales.

To gain new visitors, you can utilize your current customer pool. You may employ a reward system that involves referral to friends. This system may be incorporated to the loyalty system. You will offer some perks for repeat purchases.

If you have more control over the delivery of the product, it is best to make sure that the products reach the customers in the shortest amount of time. It will encourage them to come back and buy once again. You can also opt to promote the product on the packaging. This may influence and increase the opportunities for product exposure. Once the products arrive, the customer would be the perfect vessel for the advertisement.

Conversion optimization takes time. You should not be afraid to test again and again. This will result to a smoother interface which will effectively increase your conversion rate. Easier navigation will lead to more conversions.

You may explore the power of remarketing. It is the process of placing ads of your website on other searches or sites. You could get an influx of repeat visitors by doing this strategy.

You can also include the element of urgency in email. You need to indicate that the products are on sale for a limited time only.

Another strategy that will ensure lasting customer engagement is providing value to the purchases. You should aim to help the consumers acquire what they need, without compromising the quality and assuring their money’s worth.

Some of the ways to do add value to the purchases are providing curated shopping experiences, relevant recommendations, and selling physical products that will make their life better.

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